injury prevention


Our team of coaches care about each athlete’s overall health and safety. Through executing proper athletic training, we take no risks when it comes to your well-being. Using skilled coaches and an experienced medical advisory team, all of our performance athletic training is tested to ensure safety and prevent injury. We also take your skill level into account and incorporate scaling systems to make sure each session perfectly matches your ability.

Throughout your time in our performance training or health & wellness programs, our coaches will  focus on strengthening commonly injured muscles and joints. Different sports and lifestyles can also put added stress on certain joints, muscles, and bones. Our coaching team takes this into consideration when creating the perfect training program for you.

Our Experienced Medical Advisory Team Offers:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Training staff
  • Functional Capacity Examinations
  • Sports Psychology

If you are recovering from an injury and have been given a “Return to Play” protocol by a doctor or physical therapist, our coaches are ready to work with you and your medical team to ensure that you have a safe, healthy return to the court or playing field!