Cheer weight training Program

BlackWatch Cheer features Alabama's ONLY Cheer Facility with an IN HOUSE weight training program!

The weight training component will add so much more value to the cheerleader not only becoming physically stronger but more capable to perform specific skills required for stunts, jumps and tumbling. It will ultimately be the difference on the cheerleaders growth!

Your athlete can bounce from a tumbling class, to a jump technique class, and then to a strength & conditioning class all before leaving the cheer facility.

Weight training is a KEY factor to injury prevention in cheerleaders and creating more explosive tumblers! All of which are CRUCIAL to a cheerleaders success in this sport. Repetition of a tumbling skill without the proper strength could to lead to serious injuries.

It's time to TRAIN at BlackWatch Cheer!!

How are cheer weight training classes offered?

classes & age recommendations

Available monthly as unlimited at $150 or as a single session at $25 per participant. 

We recommend participants be 13 years of age or older. Younger athletes may participate but requires prior approval by the coach to prepare modifications.  Why? Younger athletes are still growing and developing, so our weight training program will follow NASM Guidelines for safe weight training modifications for every age. If your athlete has a disability or recovering from an injury, then please call our office in advance to notify the coach!

small class sizes

We are committed to offering safe weight training services for your cheer athlete by keeping class sizes to 6 or less participants. 

purmotion equipment

Our training area features PurMotion equipment. Movements exercised under PurMotion theology and equipment, promotes the athlete's movements and the prevention of injuries while training.