Tips to Prevent Injury in Young Athletes

First Things First

The best way to determine whether your athlete is ready to tackle a new sport is to invest in a pre-season physical. An experienced medical professional will be most capable of examining your young athlete for pre-existing conditions. They will be able to distinguish minor aches and soreness from serious problems. Thus, this first step is incredibly important.

Don’t let your young athlete push through pain. Talk to them to ensure that they are not just being tough, but that they are actually pain-free. If your child does seem to have soreness, an injury, or minor aches and pains frequently, consult a doctor before allowing them to enlist in a sport. Many times, children and teenagers can experience problems like scoliosis without realizing it. These types of conditions should be treated before they worsen from activity.

Staying Hydrated & Healthy is Key

Dehydration is the root of many illnesses, especially for athletes. On those hot summer days or cold winter nights, it is important that your young athlete drinks enough water before, during, and after the game. Fatigue and nausea are common signs of dehydration. If you start to see signs of weakness, pull your athlete out immediately and tend to them with an adequate amount of water before letting them get back in the game.

Hydration is only the start to preventing injury. Overall nutrition is important as well. You want to be sure that your athlete is eating a well-balanced diet everyday. Foods like meat and vegetables (which have protein), nuts (which have fiber), and milk (which has calcium and vitamins) help keep your kids healthy and stronger against injury. Make sure they are eating enough and that they are eating foods with nutritional value. It is also good to try to maintain a healthy eating schedule. If possible, feed your kids meals around the same times every day.

Cross Training Can Help

When your kids play one sport year round, they are putting strain and stress on the same muscles repeatedly. To make sure that different muscles are being used, see if they might be interested in playing more than one sport. Not only will they diversify their skills and make new friends, they will mix up their routine and ensure that certain muscles are not overused.

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