Performance Training

Group Performance Training

At BlackWatch, we use small-group training to create an environment that is conducive for improvement and overall athletic success. By grouping together people of similar skill levels and ages, you are afforded the opportunity to grow alongside others who are pushing to reach their fitness goals, all while receiving personal-style coaching. Our group training is offered for all ages — from our younger Elementary Performance program all the way up to senior level adults. By pairing superior athletic training with small-group learning, our group training offers a holistic sports training program that is guaranteed to catapult your athletic and personal successes. Check out our group training programs below.

Ages 8-10: Elementary Performance (30-minute sessions)

Ages 11-14: Youth Performance (60-minute sessions)

Ages 15-22: Competitive Performance (90-minute sessions)

College & Professional Athletes: Elite Performance (90-minute sessions)

Ages: 23 & up: Fit for Life (60-minute sessions)

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Personal Training

Our private one-on-one personal sports training program targets a broad spectrum of skills that can be applied to almost any sport . You tell us your goals, and together, we map out a program that specifically helps you reach those goals. While most personal fitness training programs stop at one skill set, BlackWatch touches on all movements — leaving you with a well-rounded athletic base that can be applied to any sport.

Not an athlete, but still want to get in shape? Join us for personal training sessions, and our experienced coaches will help you set goals and achieve them! Check out our memberships or contact us here.

Team Training

Bring your sports team to BlackWatch for the ultimate group training session. Like any program at BlackWatch, team sports training begins with a comprehensive look at what you want to achieve as a team — then we break down your goals to form a thorough plan that will take your team to the next level on and off the field. Our talented team of coaches understands no game is won without solid players who know how to effectively work and communicate with one another. Our sports training is geared toward taking your team to the highest athletic level possible. To get your team started training tomorrow, call us today!