Training Memberships

Performance Memberships

Our training memberships start at $100/month for unlimited visits. To learn more, give us a call. The first session is always free! To schedule your free session, email Mary Kate with your name and a day that you want to come in!

Pilates Reformer – 18 & Up

Pilates Reformer sessions are designed for 1 to 2 clients at a time. These sessions focus on pilates movements to increase strength and flexibility through the use of the reformer apparatus.

45-minute session $45
60-minute session $60
5 x 45 minute sessions $180
5 x 60-minute sessions $240



Cryotherapy is a recovery method that involves exposing the body (from the neck down) to temperatures averaging -220 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes to facilitate healing and recovery following a workout.

Members $20 per session

Non-members $30 per session or $250 for 10 sessions

To sign up or for information:

Email to receive your membership packet!

Call 205-518-6591 with any membership questions or contact us online here.


Family Discount
Families of 2 each receive 10% off of athletic training memberships. Families of 3 or more each receive 15% off of athletic training memberships.

Military/Police/Fire/EMT/Teachers/County Employees
Military/Police/Fire/EMT/Teachers/County Employees and immediate family receive 20% off of memberships. Requires quarterly membership.

Charter Organization Member
Athletes that play for a BlackWatch partner receive 20% off of training memberships.

Discounts only apply to training memberships. Rentals and additional services are not included.

Call for inquiries.