Youth Performance


Ages 11 through 14 are pivotal for children. Confronted with physical and mental changes, this age group is susceptible to heavy influence — and at BlackWatch, we lay the groundwork for your child to embark on a healthy, happy life. If your child is interested in pursuing sports in high school, this is the perfect training and exercise program to catapult them to success both physically and mentally. In this program, athletes will participate in speed and agility training, conditioning exercises, flexibility training,  and basic weight-lifting and resistance training.

Through our athletic training program, we teach children the power of discipline, hard work, and team building. All of these values, along with aiding in their sporting success, will ultimately maximize their potential for life outside the sporting arena.

Our Youth Performance classes meet at the following times:


MONDAY-THURSDAY:  4:00pm  5:30pm  7:00pm

FRIDAY:  4:00pm  5:30pm

SATURDAY:  9:00am  11:00am

Ready to start focusing your middle school athlete’s strength and flexibility? BlackWatch Sports wants to help your child develop confidence, and our coaches will kickstart their road to improved well-being. Interested in a membership? Pay by the month, quarter, or even yearly. Get a deal on our Youth Performance Training Membership Rates.