Fit for Life


No longer looking to play sports collegiately or professionally, but want to maintain — and eventually improve — your health and physique? Or maybe you’re a parent who wants to tap into your physical health and improve your overall well-being. Whatever your fitness goals or previous skill level, this program was made for you. Fit for Life takes the challenging athletic training you perhaps previously received in high school or college and gets you back into the rhythm of intense training that produces that rewarding high you crave.

13934995_277507845965417_1948704864122829259_nThrough thorough coaching and science-based athletic performance training, this program also aids in weight loss and establishes healthy habits that are easily worked into your busy routine. Whether you’re looking to recover the bikini body you once had — or create the one you always wanted — Fit for Life can get you there.

Our Fit for Life classes meet at the following times:

MONDAY – THURSDAY:  8:00 am  11:30am  5:00pm  6:30pm

FRIDAY:  8:00am  11:30am  5:30pm

SATURDAY:  8:00am  10:00am

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