other cheer services


CHEER squad training contracts

We work with cheer squads in the area to negotiate rates for their programs by offering ancillary services.

A popular option is our cheer weight training program that is commonly a missing piece for cheer squads.

Call us to discuss your squad's specific needs and budget. 



Our talented staff can produce a creative routine  just for you! 

We can choreograph any routine from a competition ready routine to a game day or half  time routine.


hourly mat rentals

Inquire about mat space rentals. We have 2 full size cheer floors (spring & flat mat).  There are additional flat mats in our training area available for rent.


Off-site squad training

Our staff would love to work with your squad where you are!

Many squads utilize this option for convenience and/or many times for their school cheer class period. They inquire for stunt training and some need private tumbling coaches. Teams may like for BlackWatch to come in to clean up sections of their routines to get competition ready.

Whatever your needs are, please let us know how we can help.


Personalized Summer Camps

Do you need us to bring with us a few halftime routines to teach to your squad? 

Do you need more cheers and sidelines for your games? 

Do you need a camp specifically focused only on teaching your squad stunting and pyramids?

On-site or Off-site Private Camp Options are available.

Let our expert staff come in to put on a camp specifically tailored to your needs.