Cryotherapy powered by Driven Fitness Lab is now available at BlackWatch Sports Performance.

What is cryotherapy?

“Cryo-” means “extreme cold”, and “-therapy” means “a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder”. Cryotherapy involves exposing the body, from the neck down, to temperatures averaging -220°F for three minutes to facilitate recovery and healing following a workout.

When the body is exposed to extreme temperatures, skin sensors signal the brain to send blood to the body’s core. As blood rushes to the core, toxins are eliminated, and the blood is enriched with oxygen and necessary enzymes and nutrients. After leaving the cryotherapy chamber, blood rushes back through the body, accelerating the recovery process. This results in the release of endorphins and an acceleration of metabolic rate and collagen production. Because of this, recovery time is shortened, and endorphins help the body handle inflammation and pain. Cryotherapy can also help the body burn more calories, and accelerated collagen production improves skin smoothness and elasticity.

Is it safe?

At BlackWatch, all cryotherapy sessions are administered by a trained technician. During the treatment, the client’s head remains outside of the chamber, and insulated gloves and booties cover the hands and feet to reduce the risk of frostbite to the extremities. Sessions last no longer than three minutes, which allows the client to see benefits but protects the body from reaching dangerous temperatures.

Pricing –

Members: $20/session

Non-members: $30/session or $250 for 10 sessions

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