Our new address is:

157 Resource Center Pkwy, Suite 107

Birmingham, AL 35242.

Currently we are under the Laser Tag sign. This will be updated in the upcoming weeks!



Private Lessons: The client must cancel online within 8 hours prior to the session, otherwise they lose their session. If the instructor does not show – they owe you a free lesson within 30 days or less. IF you cancel within the 8 hour window – you agree that your refund will come in the form of a ‘credit’ towards a future purchase within the MindBody booking platform (see ‘purchase policy’ below for more details).

CHEER Monthly Tuition Classes (Cancellation Policy and Class Expectations/Attendance Policy): The company needs to be notified 30 days in advance in writing of intent to cancel ANY classes otherwise you will still be charged on the 1st day of the following month. ***If a coach needs to cancel a class unexpectedly then a makeup date/time must be provided within 30 days by the coach OR make up in the form of a private lesson using the “Tuition Makeup Divisive Rate Rule Formula”. For example: If you paid $80 tuition that month and missed 1 week of class – $80 / 4 weeks = 20 minutes. An instructor can offer makeup lesson time in the form of a certain ‘Date/Time’ and/or offer clients makeup by private lesson according the formula above. You must call or email the front desk to redeem and set up this makeup ***Classes with low enrollment are subject to cancellation at any time – if this happens, a free private lesson will be offered in conjunction with the “Tuition Makeup Divisive Rate Rule Formula’ as well. You must call the front desk to redeem these credits in the event of class cancellations due to low enrollments AND/OR if an instructor is unable to makeup the class due to health/other reasons out of their/our control. *All hour long ‘classes’ will instruct for 55 minutes only. This allows the instructor time to set up for the next class, use the bathroom or speak to clients if they deem it necessary. This is standard across most gyms. *In the event that ONLY 1 to 3 students show up for hour long scheduled ‘classes’, then you agree that the class will only instruct for 45 minutes. In 45 minute ‘classes’ where 1 to 2 students show up then you agree that the class will only instruct for 35 minutes. Again, this is standard procedure at most gyms.

THESE RULES HAVE BEEN SET IN PLACE TO PROTECT CUSTOMERS FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATIONS for whatever unforeseen reasons in the most fair way possible. We have tried to anticipate every scenario but please keep in good communication with us to help us serve you and your super athlete better. Thanks.