As a part of our Cheer Curriculum we are pleased to offer our customers these free at home strength training videos for our cheer athletes! The videos are broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced options!      

Beginner Cheer Strength - Core and Ab workout

You use your CORE in just about every cheer skill you will ever do! Time to let that core burn baby burn!!

Beginner Cheer Strength - Back, Shoulders and Arm workout

Time to chisel those arms and back out babe!

Beginner Cheer Strength - Full body workout

This at home workout will challenge you by using your entire body through explosive (but controlled) movements! Good Luck ;)

Beginner Cheer Strength - skill and shaping drills workout

This video features the '12 Tumbling Shapes' that every tumbler MUST master and some skill drills to challenge your entire body strength and CONTROL!

Mastering your basic skills and knowing how to control them will only make you a stronger tumbler!

Intermediate Cheer Strength - Core and ab workout

We kick the difficulty level up a knotch in this intermediate version of the core workout.

Ankle weights, Medicine Ball and Dumbbells are encouraged to challenge yourself.

Who wants inverted jumps? You better get that core SUPER STRONG!

Intermediate Cheer Strength - Legs and lower body workout

This lower body workout is not for the faint of heart!

Standing Tucks aren't ready for dis!! Or are they?