beyond athletics

Academic Assistance

 At BlackWatch, we believe exercising the mind is equally as important as exercising the body. That’s why we take a sincere interest in your child’s academics. Life demands 110 percent — both on and off the field. Through our rigorous athletic training and academic assistance, your child will be more than well equipped for all of life’s challenges. Our goal is to see your child thrive in all areas of life. 

College Recruiting

 Having a strong athletic skill set is only half the battle when it comes to college sports recruiting. Networking — and getting your information in front of the right recruiter — is where the true endeavor lies. BlackWatch has connections with a long list of gatekeepers on the collegiate level of athletics, and those connections can aid your child land that athletic scholarship they’ve been dreaming about since they learned how to throw a spiral. Our athletic training program, paired with a superior level college recruiting network, produces an all-inclusive map for success. At BlackWatch, personal sports training doesn’t end when you master athletics. It ends when you put on a prestigious jersey. 

Professional Recruiting

 When college athletic careers end, a logical question is “what’s next?” For athletes wishing to pursue professional athletics, BlackWatch is armed with a team ready to prepare you for the next steps. We understand playing sports professionally is an entirely different ball game than the college level — and we’re ready to show you the ins and outs of paving the best path for a rewarding career. BlackWatch can help you find the best sports agent, coach you on how to market yourself to the right people and ensure that you get the best deal in your athletic future. Above all, we believe in producing well-rounded individuals who will thrive as strong members of society — individuals who will inevitably be desirable to any major sports team. 

Career Placement

 You’ve investing years in athletics, and you want to keep winning — just in a different capacity. BlackWatch partners with Athlete Connections to ensure seamless transitions from the sporting arena to the professional world. Whether you’re interested in law, medicine, business or any other professional-level career path, BlackWatch can guide you into your dream job. And, thanks to years of athletic training, we know success is waiting around the corner for you in the career world!