What We Do

At BlackWatch, we use athletics to build better people. From kids to professional athletes to senior citizens, our performance training and health & wellness programs are designed to help everyone reach his or her full potential. Led by coaches who are former athletes, our holistic approach to athletic training produces undeniable results.



What CheerPro Training is ALL about

CheerPro Training has merged with BlackWatch Sports Performance to establish a permanent facility to call home for our coaches and athletes as well as growing our offering for cheer. BlackWatch Sports & Cheer will be the ONLY cheer facility in our area with a full weight-room and equipment rigs ALL IN ONE FACILITY! This means there will be cheer strengthening classes specifically designed for cheerleaders! You can bounce from a tumbling class, to a jump technique class, and then to a strengthening class with weights all before you leave the cheer gym that night/day. The weight training component will add so much more value to the cheerleader not only becoming physical stronger but more capable to perform specific skills required for stunts, jumps and tumbling. It will ultimately be the differentiate on the cheerleaders growth.

The CheerPro 360 Degree Training Method

At CheerPro we understand the physical demands that tumbling and cheer places on an athletes body. 

We encourage all athletes to not only train in ‘tumbling’ but also in regular strength training focused towards muscle groups recruited during tumbling, stunts, and jumps. This 360 degree method toward training will accelerate an athletes progress towards his or her goals and creates more explosive and powerful movements.

 In addition to training your body for the physical demands of cheer, there is often a part that is neglected: The mental aspect of this sport! 

During training coaches will deploy many ‘tools’ to help your athlete conquer the mental aspect of this sport. One of those is ‘Faith’ first which instills “Confidence’ and ‘Courage’.  

**Disclaimer: It is understood that not all athletes share in the same faith and / or some schools do not allow faith based camps, etc. In those instances, CheerPro can still provide the same positive and encouraging training environment and can respect such boundaries upon request.


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