Month: October 2017

Season of Strength

Are you ready to get better, faster, and stronger? Between now and December 31st, sign up for your first month of membership at BlackWatch Sports Performance, and get the second month free! BlackWatch offers performance and fitness training for athletes of all ages and skill levels! Learn more about our programs below.

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Elementary Performance (ages 7-10) – Unlimited 30-minute sessions that cover the basics of speed, agility, and strength in a safe and fun atmosphere

Youth Performance (middle school) – Unlimited 60-minute small group training sessions (4-6 athletes/trainer) that go through upper and lower body strength, speed, agility, core strength, and power

Competitive Performance (high school) – Unlimited 60 to 90 minute small-group training sessions (3-6 athletes/trainer) that address strength, speed, agility, core, and power while all being geared toward the individual athlete’s goal(s) and sport(s)

Elite Performance (college and professional) – Unlimited 90-minute semi-private training sessions (1-2 athletes/trainer) that are designed to help each athlete achieve his/her athletic goals and include strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance

Fit for Life (adults) – Unlimited 60-minute small group training classes centered on cardio and strength and designed to help each client reach his/her fitness goals